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The Contemplative Evolution Network (CEN) is a network of people from all over the world who seek to change the violent and hurting situations in our world through the power and intention of contemplative time together, and so help evolve the world through Love.

We would like to hear from you. How is your experience of the ‘Contemplative Time Together’ impacting on your life? Do you meet sometimes with others? What creative ways have you engaged to pray in solidarity with others between 4 and 5 in the afternoon? See below…

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  1. Anne Post author

    To enter the still silence;
    To breathe-in the thick quiet of 12 companions there;
    To hold, for a time, the wild world’s wilful thrashing;
    To still the anger, hurt and pain in gentle cradling,
    While PEACE sings its tender lullaby.
    To chase the nightmares of remembered violence,
    And with gentle caress
    Restores the natural order of the Universe,
    ‘Til all things find again their proper place
    And twirl once more in harmonious dance.

  2. Christine Post author

    From Christine in July 2015 – It was Kerrie Hide who introduced us to your network at her recent Enfolded in Live retreat. As a result, and in a desire to continue the practice, we have begun 2 separate monthly Enfolded in Love gatherings for the express purpose of sitting together in the silence. Our first – daytime – gathering was yesterday. It was a beautiful and profound experience.
    An evening group will meet later in the month.

    Sending love and gratitude for what is unfolding. Christine

  3. Beryl, Barbara & Janet Post author

    Some comments from those who have emailed in:

    I am convinced of the power of prayer. Thank you for inviting me to join this circle of prayer. Beryl.

    I have learned from reading John Mains books about twice daily meditation and endeavour to do this every day. After reading Judy Cannatos book Fields of Compassion I am fascinated with the idea of morphic resonance and our ability to influence events on our world. The article by Madeleine Duckett Everything has been most enlightening. Barbara.

    Daily innvolvement with others in prayer, usually in 4-5 p.m. time space. Janet.

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